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Stable Job Market Predicted for Q2 2016

What’s happening in the job market? Are things looking up, down, the same, or sideways as 2016 marches along?.

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How to Talk Money

Let’s face it. Asking for a raise can be a hassle. No likes to do it and rarely do we feel empowered to raise the issue.

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Big Data = Big Opportunity

More information. More work to do. Companies are collecting data at a ridiculous rate, with no end in sight.

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Job Search Strategies

  • The time has come to say goodbye to another job. Here are a few ideas to leave a lasting impression.

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    The time has come to say goodbye to another job. Maybe it’s by choice; maybe not. In any case, it is always good to leave a lasting impression. Here are a few ideas used by only the best of the best.

    1. Line up all your paperclips to form an extravagant goodbye message. For times when an email goodbye just isn’t enough. Share your memories, hopes and dreams for all to reflect on.
    2. Gather up your puppets and sing, “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound of Music at your final staff meeting. Your excitement should provide others with the same joy you are feeling. Share the love.
    3. Turn everything left in your office/cube into an abstract work of art. Maybe after you leave they will turn it into a shrine in your honor.
    4. Pass out signed photos of yourself. Give them the ol’ “This could be worth millions someday.” Patiently wait for a “thank you.”

    Of course, you could just pack up quietly and leave, but where would that get you?

  • Do you know the secret handshake of the Knights of Systems Analysts?

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  • There are many bizarre coding rituals and processes in the IT world. Experis can help you get in.

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  • Will you be able to get through? Experis can guide you through your IT career.

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